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Our mission is to prepare participants to become lifelong learners,  to compete successfully in the job market,  to become competent parents and family members, and to exercise their rights and responsibilities as citizens through active community involvement.

We Offer:

  • Adult Education

  • Official DC High School Diploma

  • Workforce Preparation

  • Computer Lab

What is the National External Diploma Program?

  • A high school diploma program designed for people 25 and older.

  • You earn your high school diploma by doing things you do in your everyday life: reading the news, shopping for good deals, writing letters, and looking up medical information.

  • The NEDP is a self-paced program, not a test.

  • The NEDP program helps you to learn more about yourself, choose a career that fits you, and apply for jobs related to that career.

  • People who complete the NEDP receive a DC High School Diploma

  • Over 400 people have received their high school diploma from Living Wages

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Our Location
Washington Highlands 

4235 4th St. SE 

Washington DC 20032


Fax: 202-574-3968

Hours: M-F 9 AM-4 PM

SAT 10 AM-2 PM

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 6967

Washington DC 20032

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