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Advocacy Day

"During this event Living Wages staff and students met with our elected leaders to educate them about adult literacy in DC. We began the day with a short training and then divided into small groups to meet with Council members and their staff.  The event enlisted an adult learner, an instructor, one of Living Wages volunteer, and another supporter of adult education during this event! We let the Council know that adult literacy has broad support from District residents.

Speak out to Mayor Marion Barry and other DC officials  about the importance of adult education in Southeast Washington DC."



Leadership, Education, and Democracy


LEAD is best described as a grass-roots adult literacy corps comprised of graduates of Living Wages programs, members of our partner parishes as well as other interested community members.  In September 2004, we organized LEAD in the belief that answers to community problems and the leadership to address them is located within the community itself.  LEAD encourages such leadership development by providing continuing education, training and direct involvement in adult education efforts.


Broadly, LEAD seeks to give Living Wages graduates,  parishioners and community members opportunities to help families, friends and neighbors experience the immense power of adult education to transform and reshape lives—their own and those of others. LEAD members may be:

1) Living Wages graduates

2) parish volunteers

3) motivated local community members 

Each member has a unique contribution to make in the effort to create “literate environments” in Southeast DC  The equitable development of our society requires the informed participation of all its members.  LEAD makes such participation possible.




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